About This Site:

Politifik is a site dedicated to providing news and opinion that focuses on Truth, not spin. Both left and right leaning media tend to have a bias that causes them to minimize or ignore altogether facts and opinions that don’t support their viewpoint. Although we are right leaning, we don’t ignore the ideas of others just because we don’t agree with them. That is not what civil discourse is about. We address those issues with integrity showing both the arguments for and against our point of view. Liberals and Conservatives alike will love our site, as we honestly discuss the news, issues, and cultural items of the day.

About the Editor:

George Romney is part of the Romney political family. He is the grandson of former Michigan Governor George Romney, nephew to Mitt Romney, and brother to Ronna Romney McDaniel, the Michigan Republican State Party Chair. While he has never held office he continues to have a keen interest in Politics and Culture supporting campaigns and causes at the local level. He is from the Detroit area of Michigan and currently resides in Southwest Florida. Although he has been a small businessman, the bulk of his business career has been spent working for large Enterprise Software companies, mostly as a Strategic Account Executive for large public sector organizations.